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posted by Anita Landoll on Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I re-posted a challenging text to my Facebook page, so that my Friends could try to read it.  The text was composed of scrambled words, where th______________

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posted by Anita Landoll on Wednesday, 13 November 2013

P and I had a two month break from reading lessons.  Then we had the opportunity to read together again.  She chose a little book and began read______________

P has been doing very well reading, spelling, and writing Level one words.  Level one words include the most frequently used words in speech and______________

My reading students chose to participate in their annual talent show recently.  They chose to sing along with songs they liked.  Once they selec______________

Today is a bright, blue sky autumn day in Southside Virginia.  The leaves of the trees are losing their green, and are glowing with reds, orange______________

In many instances, the teacher is assigned a particular curriculum to be used for language arts/English instruction.  The material often creates______________

Many struggling learners of English have difficulty with phonemic awareness.  They do not hear the sounds of words clearly enough to comprehend ______________

Citizens of the world are interested in learning the English language.  English-speaking countries generally value democracy and free enterprise______________

Struggling readers have the desire to be able to communicate with their friends on social media.  They wish to be able to read and post messages______________

Readers are writers, and writers are readers.  Natural readers enjoy reading widely, often at an early age.  They comprehend the words and the t______________


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